The village of Grisciano( Ri) destroyed by the earthquake
La signora Mimma fuori dalla roulotte che condivide con sua madre Clara di 85 anni
Mimma and Clara's bedroom inside the cointainer near Amatrice
Clara, Mimma, her niece Deianira and dog Marchetto in the Container they live in near Amatrice
THe remaining of B&B Saletta where a boy died under the earthquake, Saletta, Amatrice
Cracks on the wall of a house in a village near by Amatrice (Ri)
A house locked down as non habitable and dangerous near Amatrice (Ri) 
Laura in the kitchen - her family lost her house and the tobacco shop they now share two containers where they live and sleep in four people. They started selling tobacco again as they were the only one in the area. 
Antonio is a farmer, even though his house went down with the earthquake they stayed as they won't leave their animals.
Luca and his family: all living with agriculture and their animals, they can't leave as this is their life.
Fire brigade helping to bring a new container in a village near Amatrice (Ri)
A bunk bed almost intact in a village near Amatrice (Ri)
Ruins after the earthquake near Amatrice
A book found through the ruins in a village by Amatrice
Sunset over ruins after the earthquake near Amatrice
Armando having his tea in the communal kitchen at Maneggio il Destriero, Santa Giusta.  Eleven families live here after the earthquake in their containers and roulottes, they share two compost toilets and one real toilet that is in the building with one shower. 
A message of hope on the wall of the communal room at Maneggio il Destriero.
Maneggio il Destriero at dawn, we are at 1000 metres near the Appennini Mountains.
Steamed kitchen where the volunteer slept in Maneggio il Destriero - most of the help comes from Volunteer from Brescia.
Volunteers in the morning and a boy queuing for the toilet.
A church destroyed near Amatrice (Ri)
The remaining of Amatrice after the earthquake, Nov 2016
A carabiniere standing in front of the building barrack of Carabinieri destroyed after the earthquake. 

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